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Discover PII data

Smart Labelling

We analyze and classify your datasource and label each of the fields with the most accurate tags. Find out which fields are high risk and which have PII data. This will help you mask data more accurately

Track and report any label change

With the integrated tracking system, you will need to add a reason for a modified tag. Using this, the datasource will be more protected and any changes will be reflected in the audit reports


Generates reports for audits with all changes made. Displays the heat map and changes made during the discovery phase.

  • Generate a draft and when you are ready, sign it.

  • Each report shows information about coverage, schema version and other metadata

Data Anonymizing

Anonymize your data in real-time

Anonymizes data in real-time using fake but realistic data.

  • We analyze your discrete data and we generate fake data based on your statistical distribution.

  • Create your own anonymization functions using Javascript

Create fake datasets for your tests

Create new fake data datasets and share them with your testing teams for tests purpose

Synthesize data

Generate new synthetic data for your database

Create artificial subsets with many of the same insights as the original datasource

Take control by synthesizing the tables independently

Generates synthetic data only for the entities you want


Create consistent subsets

Reduce the size of your database and maintain relational integrity

Data load

Download your new datasets

You can download or dump new datasets to other environments.

Share datasets

Share your newly created dataset with other consumers


Schedule recurring jobs

Create a pipeline, define the type of job and when it will be executed. You can decide to run the job periodically to always have the latest version of a dataset or to verify that there have been no changes in your database schema

Integrate actions in your CI/CD

Integrate Gigantics actions in your CI/CD using our API.

  • Create a fake database for a test environment during deployment

  • Don't have data for your tests? Create them from your continuous integration

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