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Realistic data for

Automated, risk-free and efficient database creation for development and test environments using AI

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Share sensitive data subsets between teams safely with masking and anonymization

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Thanks to our AI engine, populate your databases with consistent datasets that looks real

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Spin-up new datasets and databases for teams, tools and the external parties to consume

How it works

API-driven data provisioning for testing with sensitive data

1 Ingest databases, files or schemas

Ingest data or a schema from a database dump or a flat file into Gigantics using our smart REST API and plain cURL.

Data is automatically desensitized and stored by Gigantics.

$ pg_dump -U prod prod_db | curl

2 Now safely test your app with realistic data

Gigantics will store multiple datasets for each test scenario. Create random sampling subsets just in time for each ephemeral environment. Don't worry about foreign keys, Gigantics will take care of them for you.

$ curl
| psql -U test test_db
$ npm run tests

3 No database to ingest? No problem!

Gigantics can ingest your codebase or favorite ORM schema files and generate brand-new synthetic data that will provide your app with an instant development database.

 $ tar cfz - prisma/
| curl -F file=@- > db.sql
Detected Prisma schema file: prisma/schema.prisma
Generating SQL dump file for database: postgres

Data provisioning for your DevOps pipelines

Why test with realistic data?

Realistic UI testing

Test your UI in a production-like environment and validate the quality of your user experience with extremely high data volumes

SQL Optimization

Improve the performance and quality of results of your app's SQL queries

Test migrations

For each new version of the app or schema we may need to test data migration changes and make sure that migrations won't break the app or take too long in the production environment.

Realistic integration testing

Test the integrated system and apps as if they were running in the production environment

Provision environments fast

Provision instant, short-lived environments for testing or development

From zero-to-data

Experiment with mock or realistic data for analytics, reports, transformations and business simulations

Risk free data sharing

Hand data out to people from inside and outside your team or the organization without fearing for data leaks

Train ML/AI

Create more robust ML/AI data models by training with augmented datasets that are statistically sound

Increase data governance while promoting transparency

Multiple Datasources

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