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Each project will have their own database connections and different environments. In this page is where you add or edit your connections that will be used in your Model.

In this document you will find information about:

  • Taps
  • Sinks
  • Environments


Taps are input connections to databases. The available taps may vary depending on your license but there are different types.


A tap can only have one model. It is not possible to create multiple models for a unique tap.


Supported OSS (OpenSource databases):

  • MySQL
  • SQL Lite
  • PosgreSQL

Propietary databases

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

To use an Oracle database it is necessary to install the drivers manually. Check how to configure them here.


To connect to an Oracle database, it is necessary to add the host to the Database field:

Database: <host>/<database_name>

Big Data databases

  • MongoDB


Sinks are output connections to databases. Like Taps, they are divided by type of database according to the license type.

There are two types of sinks:

  • Static: Sinks always refer to the same database.
  • Dynamic: Each time a sink is written to, a new database is created in the db host, where we provide the connection data (database name where we provide the connection data (database name, user and password to access it), user and password to access it).


It is possible to create environments to group taps and/or sinks so you can have your connections organized.


A tap or sink can only belong to one environment.