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What can you do

The organizations in Gigantics are like workspaces where you can manage your projects. When you register with Gigantics, you create an organization, something like a workspace where the projects you are going to work with will be.

This organization has a unique ID in the instance that you can change in the configuration of the organization. As the owner of the organization you will be able to:

  • Create projects.

  • Manage your organization's projects.

  • Invite users to join your organization.

  • Manage settings.

  • Create new roles that can be used in your organization's projects.

Managing your organization

From the menu of your user, you will see the option 'My organizations' with which you can see all the organizations to which you belong and in which role (if as a member or as owner of the organization).

If you are the owner of an organization, you will be able to access its configuration from the Settings button.


Allows the owner of the organization to change general parameters such as name, description or moniker. In addition, there is an email field that allows you to route the organization's email notifications to a single mailbox.


The moniker is a unique id of the organization so be careful when changing it as it involves many delicate changes.


Show a list of all users in the organization. From here you can:

Invite new users to your organization

When you invite a new user via email, it will automatically be added to the Invitation list. Within this list you will be able to consult the invitations not yet accepted. In addition, since the invitation is active for a certain time, you can resend the invitation again.

During the process, you will be able to establish the new user's role within the organization and assign him/her the projects and roles he/she will work with.

User Actions

You can assign projects to users from here or you can remove the user from your organization.


Gigantics is role-based. We have different profiles that are given to the users of Gigantc to limit or allow the actions that it can do in your organization.

These roles are applied at the project level from the Project settings page.

There are three default roles but, as organization owner you can create new roles with more custom permissions.

  • View: The user will be able to see the content of the project but not modify any data. Will be able to connect to datasources or containers in execution.
  • Use: The user will be able to manage the content of the project, edit datasources, mask databases and make deployments.
  • Owner: The user can manage the whole project, including the project options.
  • Custom: The user will be able to configure customized permissions according to their needs.