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Use this operation in a rule if you want to generate new rows for your dataset.

For example, if your entity has 30 rows, you can create new rows based on the actual rows or using your own functions.


After adding the operation to the rule, you can configure the data generation in a fast way using the Auto Synth section or detail the generation at entity level.

Auto Synth

Sets the operation behavior and applies the same data generation parameters to all entities.

Expected output data size

Select the size of the new dataset based on the tap size:

  • Same size as source entity: Generate exactly same number of rows for each entity.
  • Proportional: Generate or reduce the size of the database using the multiplier. It is also possible to set limits to have a minimum or maximum number of rows in the entities.


Sets the behavior of the operation when writing new synthesized data.

  • Append to source data: Keeps the existing rows and adds to the end of each entity the rows generated in the operation..
  • Replace source data: Removes existing rows and inserts new synthetically generated rows

If you use the Append option, the data will not be anonymized so your dataset may contain sensitive data.


Take actions in order to anonymize the data. Data can be anonymized in different ways:

  • Fake data + <label>: Converts current values to other real values by using the label assigned.
  • Functions: Some functions created to transform the value. See list of functions.
  • Saved functions: Apply a function previously created in the configuration items section.
  • Custom function: Write a custom function to apply to the values of the field. See how to create a custom function.
  • No action: The values are kept without any modification.