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Local installation

You will learn to install Gigantics as an application in your local machine or as an Docker instance.


Gigantics can be installed on Linux and Windows. It is necessary to have a MongoDB database (v4.0 or higher) installed on a server.

We recommend a server with 8GB of RAM. In case of having on the same server Gigantics and MongoDB, our recommendation is a server with 16GB of RAM.

Installation on Linux / Mac

For the installation, download the file gigantics-linux.tar.gz from the web and unzip it. From the terminal run ./gig start

Once started, go to localhost:5000 through the browser and configure the instance.

Installation on Windows

To install Gigantics on Windows, download the file from the web and unzip it. Open the console (cmd.exe) and run the file gig.exe.

To start the server run the gig.exe file together with the start parameter.

cd <path_to_gigantics>
gig.exe start

Once started, go to localhost:5000 through the browser and configure the instance.

🚧 Installation on Docker 🚧 (soon)

Docker is one of the alternative installations to install Gigantics in a virtual environment. To perform this installation it is necessary to have Dcoker installed on your computer or server and it is working to execute the necessary commands.

We have a Docker image that you can find in the Docker Hub with everything you need to start using Gigantics.

docker pull gigantics/gigantics

You can checkout current installed version

docker run gigantics/gigantics --version

Additional Parameters

You can initialize your Gigantics instance using a different environment. To do this, you can use the -c parameter to specify the configuration file to be used.

./gig start -c path/to/json

Running as Daemon

Just add the -d parameter to run Gigantics as a daemon in the system

./gig start -d


Start the server in cluster mode using -w parameter:

  • -1 = disable clustering
  • 0 = fork to all available CPUs
./gig start -w=-1


Check more commands running help

./gig -h

Running Gigantics for first time

Go to localhost:5000 to start server configuration

Drivers configuration

For some of the supported databases it is necessary to install the drivers manually. Here are the steps to proceed with the installation.


To install the Oracle drivers it is necessary to have the Oracle instantclient package installed:

Oracle Installation

Mac OS / Linux

Finally, for Gigantics to be able to use the driver, it must be in the path /opt/instantclient_19_8/.

Otherwise you can set the instant client path starting gig instance using LD_LIBRARY_PATH:

> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=C:/instantclient_19_8 ./gig.exe start
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/instantclient_19_17:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./gig start


The Instant Client files for Microsoft Windows can be downloaded from here:

Oracle Instant Client

Follow the documentation on how to install the Node.js and node-oracledb packages on Microsoft Windows

Installing Node.js and node-oracledb on Microsoft Windows

Next, open the Control panel and look for the Advanced systsem settings, click on Environment variables and set the system variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH and DEBASER_ORACLE_CLIENT to C:\gigantics-bin\instantclient_19_8\ or the path where you placed the instant client folder.