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Managing Gigantics instance

If you are the administrator of the instance, after logging in you will be able to access the global options of the tool through the user menu.

Global settings


Be careful with these options, any alteration or misconfiguration can make the instance work incorrectly.


From here you can change some global behaviors of the instance.


To apply the changes is necessary to restart the server


You will be able to change the way users can sign up or log in Gigantics.

Third-party authentication providers

In this panel you select whether users will be able to use third-party providers to access the tool. They work independently so you can activate/deactivate the ones you think are convenient.

It is necessary to obtain the parameters clientID and clientSecret. You can get more information about how to obtain these parameters here:

Enable Signup

Configures the way users can register on the platform. It is possible to filter domains and force users who want to register to use emails with specific domains.

For example:

custom domains:, mycompany.*, *.mycompany-*.com

LDAP server

Finally, it is possible to use an LDAP server that allows only users registered in the directory to access to the platform.


If you are going to use LDAP, we recommend disabling signup as well as registration through third party applications.


Show the events that are happening in the system. You can check any event but you will not be able to take any action on them.