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What is Gigantics

Gigantics was born with the idea of having in a single product a tool where you can analyze the risk on your databases, being able to identify the PII elements.

In addition, thanks to our AI, we add labels to your fields so you can mask data or generate synthetic data for your tests.

With Gigantics, you will:

✅ Analyze your database schema and compare it with previous versions

✅ Identify PII elements and check the risk of each of the fields.

✅ Generate reports about the current risk of your database.

✅ Manage your datasets and share or download them.

✅ Dump your new datasets into other databases.

✅ Deploy databases to multiple environments in a simple, effective and secure way.

We also provide a system of roles and permissions that fits the organizational structure of any company.


Each user has his own space that we call Organizations which contains Projects. These projects can be shared with other users through the project configuration.

In addition, each user can create more organizations that may contain one or more projects.


The project is the user's workspace. From here, the user can create models, work on the databases or invite users from your organization to join the project.